General Questions

What is TrulyGood?

TrulyGood is a brand that offers the tastiest, guilt-free food on the planet. Our products are insanely healthy without compromising on quality or taste.

Where is TrulyGood available?

Our products are currently available in the Western Cape and Gauteng.

How do I contact Customer Service?

You can send an email to info@trulygoodfood.co or call us on 0027 21 942 0008.


TrulyGood Products

Are TrulyGood products healthy?

Absolutely! Our products are gluten and grain free as well as naturally low in carbohydrates. We also do not add sugar or salt to our products.

What products do you currently offer?

Fresh Vegetable Noodles

Fresh Pumpkin Noodles

Vegetable Wraps

Pizza Bases

Are the products gluten free?

All of our products are gluten free.

What kind of ingredients do you use in the products?

We try and keep it as natural as possible with only the necessary ingredients to make our products as more-ish as possible.

Are the products organic?

Not at the moment – however this is something that we would like to incorporate in the near future.

Do the products contain allergens

TrulyGood noodles do not contain any allergens. The bakery products (wraps, pizza bases etc) contain nuts, eggs and dairy based ingredients. Please check the product page as the allergens are clearly listed here. Allergen information is also included on the product packaging.

Where is the nutritional information listed?

Each product’s nutritional information is listed on its product page. Nutritional information is also included on the product packaging.

Who are the TrulyGood products suitable for?

We like to make sure that our products are suitable for all health-conscious individuals – whether you’re a couch surfer, serious athlete, fussy eater or have very specific nutritional requirements.

How long do TrulyGood products last?

The shelf life of each product is listed on its specific product page.

The Fresh Noodles usually last up to 6 days if refrigerated correctly and our bakery products up to 14 days.

How do I keep my order fresh once I’ve collected it

Once you’ve collected your products - refrigerate them as soon as possible. Do not leave them in the boot of your car on a hot day – they will spoil!!!

How do I store the products?

Detailed storage instructions for each product is listed on the corresponding product page.

How do I prepare the products?

Cooking instructions are given on the product page. We have also included ideas on our blog.


 Your Account

How do I create an account?

  • At the top of the Home Page there is a “My Account” link
  • Once you’ve clicked on the link you will be directed to a landing page that asks you to enter your email address and password
  • There is a link that asks if you are a New Customer. Click on the sign-up link
  • You will now be asked to enter your Name; Surname; Email and Password
  • Click the Sign-Up button

I’ve forgotten my password – what do I do?

  • At the top of the Home Page there is a “My Account” link
  • Once you’ve clicked on the link you will be directed to a landing page that asks you to enter your email address and password
  • There is a link that asks “Forgot your password”?
  • Click this link
  • You will then be directed to a landing page where you are able to reset your password.
  • Enter your password and click on the “Submit” button.
  • You will then be sent an email to reset your password for your account



Click and Collect

What is Click and Collect

Click and Collect is how TrulyGood distributes its products. TrulyGood has partnered with a number of stores that serve as our collection points.


Once you’ve placed place your order online, you are able to select which collection point would be most convenient for you to collect your order from. You will also be prompted to select the day and time of your collection. When your payment has been processed you will be emailed an Order Reference Number.


Your Order Reference Number will be sent to your selected collection point.


TrulyGood will deliver your order to your chosen collection point on the day and timeslot indicated.


At the collection point you will present your Reference Number to the shop assistant who will then handover your order.

How do I order?

You are able to order TrulyGood Products online from www.trulygoodfood.co.

How does delivery work?

Once you’ve placed your order online, you will be prompted to select your collection point, collection day and time slot. We will then deliver your order to this location.

How soon do I get my order?

You will receive the order at your selected collection point on the day that you requested delivery (usually within 2 days of placing your order).

Can I cancel my order?

Orders must be cancelled 24 hours before delivery. Please send an email to:

Is there a minimum order?

No – there is no minimum order.

What does delivery cost?

There is no additional delivery charge for Click and Collect Customers.

Are there any discounts?

There will be promotions from time to time – keep an eye out for these.

How does the food stay fresh in transit?

Our products are transported in temperature controlled insulated containers and packed into storage fridges on arrival.

Where are the click and collect locations?

See the Click and Collect location list




How do I pay?

Full payment must be made before collection. Collection points will not accept payment.

What forms of payment is accepted?

Payment can be made in the following way

1.       Secure payment gateway on the checkout page

2.       EFT

3.       Cash Deposit