The Food & Training Diary of a Wannabe "Glama" Mom

The Food & Training Diary of a Wannabe "Glama" Mom

I am a Mom, in her late thirties, of two rather rambunctious young boys. I tried to fool myself that I was working out by doing "I run after my children" as exercise. However let's not kid ourselves - this is a lie. You position yourself so that there is minimal movement involved and they circle around you like little sharks circling their prey. I also tricked myself into believing that if I ate kids leftovers (with a good helping of healthy low-carb food) this was a good idea and after all not all that much.

One morning I woke up and realised my muscle tone had gone from reasonable to jelly and my clothing only fit me as my favourite items had politely stretched to accommodate my expanding flesh. No amount of tanning, fake or real, was going to salvage this situation. 

It was time to take stock of what was going on and formulate a plan of how I was going to fix this!! I don't necessarily want to live till I'm a hundred, but I'd like to maintain my mobility and joie de vivre for as long as possible!

There is a TON of inspiration on Social Media. The women look amazing. Their training plans are awesome. The food looks delicious. But therein lies the rub - it's all too perfect and pretty! How does any normal, slightly sleep-deprived, busy person with kids actually do any of that sustainably??

One of the many things that I do is help out a bit at TrulyGood. We were chatting about food trends, websites and content one day and I suggested that we could use the platform to share more realistic and relatable information. Stuff that you  could look at and not roll your eyes at.  TrulyGood have given me a platform where I have carte-blanche to share realistic and believable information about food, training, trends and anything else that I believe may be of interest. I am under no obligation to make things sound better than they are. (Hopefully I'll get a free product tossed my way every now and again!!)

So this is my status quo. I'll share what I'm cooking up for the week as well as review recipes that I'll be using (i.e. difficulty level and speed, cause who has 60 minutes to make dinner??). I will also be sharing what training I'll be doing and what the impact was. 

I have a natural affinity for low-carb living. Believe me, it would give me no greater pleasure than to tell you my kids don't eat sugar and love broccoli and steamed chicken. They totally don't.....the eldest is addicted to bread and the youngest is like a bloodhound when it comes to finding sweet things hidden in the house. The struggle in my household is real when it comes to having healthy, balanced meals.

Let's see how things pan out when there is concerted focus and effort!